So just what is going on with Blue Cross?
November 10, 2011, 10:41 pm
Filed under: Blue Cross

As you may have heard Blue Cross will be making some drastic changes to its health insurance portfolio starting April 1, 2012.  Currently Blue Cross offers more than 30 health plan options to small businesses (2-50 employees), but as of April 1st they are eliminating most of their portfolio and reducing your options to 4 meager plans.

This is a forced migration to one of the four plans, regardless of when your renewal date occurs.  For example, if your renewal is January 1, 2012, you can renew on your current plan at 1st quarter rates, but come April 1st, you will have to choose one of the four plans Blue Cross is making available and do so at 2nd quarter rates.

Blue Cross has provided us with a preview of the four plans that will be available for Small Businesses.  If you would like to see the plan structures, please email us at and we will send you a copy.

This is a confusing time in health insurance, and we don’t anticipate it will clear up anytime soon.

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