Tenacious Tuesday with Christina Passmore
April 20, 2021, 10:26 am
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Check out the latest episode of the “Try and Stop Me” Podcast! Learn about Christina Passmore’s inspirational journey as Colleen Blum talks to her about travle, beauty and when she realized: “I Can Kinda Write”

Flight Attendant, Beauty Brand Amazon Seller turned Successful Copywriting Business CEO

Christina Passmore travels the world as a seasoned flight attendant for a large Canadian Airline, during some big life changes she set out to make some side money and dove into the Amazon world where she she quickly gained good traction in becoming a Beauty Brand Amazon Seller. She was still paying the bills with the airline salary while building her Amazon business all until COVID hit and travel came to a screeching halt. Christina knew she needed to pivot quickly so she teamed up with a mentor of hers where she was asked the question I’m sure we’d ALL dread:

What are you good at?

Who can honestly answer that?! + Add a meaningfully response, when you’re already feeling down? Not many of us.

Christina’s response: “Well I can Kinda write”.

Listen in as she shares her journey & how that “kinda” turned into on going success and continued future dreams. She even drops in some pointers for anyone looking to get started in the e-commerce space. 

Give her a follow on IG @copybychristina

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