Tenacious Tuesday with Chelsea Whalley
May 18, 2021, 12:15 pm
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Her Inspiring Road To Alignment with Chelsea Whalley

We all get taught at a young age, make a plan for your life and follow that plan until you accomplish your goal right. Heck we talk about that here… 

 But what do you do when life happens right smack in the middle of that journey? Where is that clear path in life when you’re facing an unexpected injury that you have no control over when or if it heals? 

Chelsea Whalley Partner & COO of J Donovan Financial had just that, her vision was set, she knew exactly where she was going in life. On her way to becoming a doctor, mid season into her college softball career when a freak accident happened during warm ups. In that moment whether she knew it or not, her whole life was about to be completely redirected as the injury she faced was about to bring her far bigger challenges and a totally different path in life.

Listen along as she shares her inspiring journey, the struggles through healing and how she was able to find the strength & alignment back within herself and her life regardless of how life tried to knock her off course.

 “I will never question again whether I have the strength to go through something hard.” – Chelsea Whalley @benefitsboss

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