Feature Friday with Stephanie Rodin

“Science fiction encourages us to explore… all the futures, good and bad, that the human mind can envision.” Marion Zimmer Bradley


Stephanie Rodin has graciously joined me again for another “top of” list.  This time Steph and I are focusing on our top 5 science fiction media (books, movies, TV, radio shows, whatever).  If you look back at Did You Know That? episode 2021:22 you’ll know how much fun Steph and I have discussing anything pop culture related. (Both our lists are below.)

Stephanie’s Picks:

#1: “Looper” (movie)

#2: “Dr Who” (reboot)

#3: “X-men” (movie franchise)

#4: “Battlestar Galactica” (reboot)

#5: “Star Trek” franchise (TV & movies)

Wildcard: “Alien”

Honorable Mention: “In Time”

Sean’s Picks:

#1: “The Martian” (book)

#2: “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” (movie)

#3: “Fringe” (TV)

#4: “Edge of Tomorrow” (aka “Live Die Repeat”) (movie)

#5: “The Terminator” & “Terminator 2” (movies)

Wildcard: “The Forever War” (book)

Honorable Mention: “Galaxy Quest” (movie)

To find out more about Stephanie’s day job and her own podcast, check out the links below.




Music: “Best of Luck – Instrumental Version” by Katrina Stone via Artlist

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#top5scifi #top5sciencefiction #sciencefiction #didyouknowthat #indulgeyourcuriosity #youtubechannel

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I love Galaxy Quest!!!
And who knew that Sean O’Rourke and Stephanie Rodin are friends?! Stephanie, would love to catch up.


Comment by Tobey Hartman

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