Feature Friday with Christopher Young

(NOTE: Apologies in advance for the volume of my microphone. It apparently didn’t fully show up for the interview after testing.)

“Action indeed is the sole medium of expression for ethics.” Jane Addams

My enthrallment with history didn’t start until I met Mr. Ed Powers.  Mr. Powers still teaches history where I went to high school and it’s he who lit the fuse.  To this day – been a whole lotta days since – I still remember something he said during a discussion about the Vietnam War.  To paraphrase, you can’t fight an -ism (e.g., Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, Buddhism, etc.).  The -ism is an idea/philosophy/crutch utilized by people.  So for me, any argument for/against an -ism is really about people.

How’s this relate to episode 2021:11 of Did You Know That?  Christopher Young is all about people, specifically, the ethical actions of people in the business world.  (Please hold all snarky comments until after the interview.)  The world is made up of a lot of different -ism’s as they relate to business, which means there are a lot of people making business decisions on a second by second basis.  We talk about how they’re making those decisions and how they can be better.

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Feature Friday with Jack Sullivan

“…but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  Benjamin Franklin

Was there any other quote appropriate enough to start this conversation?  Nope.

The next topic of conversation on Did You Know That? was the bane of my existence for 12+ years (when I was president of my old IT firm).  And while the term sales tax may immediately turn you off, you do so at your own risk.

What do you know about sales taxes, aside from the fact that paying them is annoying and expensive?  Well, if you own or manage any type of business, then you should be a pseudo-expert on the topic.  Most, not all, states and localities rely heavily on sales taxes to generate revenue.  (That’s even more true in the time of COVID-19.)  This heavy reliance means states do not play around when it comes to collecting what they’re owed or imposing new sales taxes when “necessary.”

Jack Sullivan is an expert in all things tax, especially sales tax, which makes him the perfect guest for this episode.  (Full disclosure: Jack still is the tax attorney for my old IT firm, Syzygy 3.)  He’s argued cases across the country for a range of companies; he’s devised sales tax strategies for entities selling into multiple states; and he’s investigated the taxability of products/services from the mundane to the exotic.  He also has a style all his own, as you will learn.

Jack and I discuss a lot during this episode, but all of it is relevant to businesses in some form or another.  Be sure to take notes and if you want to learn more about Jack, his various links are below.



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