So do I really get to keep my insurance if I got canceled?

As many have heard, Obama has offered a “fix” to many of the people that have gotten notifications of their insurance being canceled.  I believe that this report, gives a good picture of it and I want to point out a few things before people start popping the cork and celebrating:

  1. Obama said that carriers “could” offer the plan for 1 more year…
  2. Obama pushed the ultimate decision over to the States and the Carriers…so far California, Idaho, Virginia and Kentucky have said no to this fix.
  3. If the carrier choose to offer to extend, then they are going to have to send the customers a comparison that shows the differences between their plan and all the Exchange Plans that they are offering, what this translates to is more work when we are already 45 days out, and the carriers do not have the extra time on their hands right now.
  4. The carriers do not have an actuarial value of any of these plans since they are not in their plan offerings and I believe that this would result in even higher prices as they would have to put in more man hours to reincorporate these plans.

If you have gotten a cancelation notice, I encourage you to call your carrier and see if they are going to pony up and continue to offer your plan, but don’t be shocked if you end up being one of many that they tell no.



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