Feature Friday: To Be an Effective Communicator, it’s Okay to Be Silent – Aimee B. Davis
August 14, 2020, 7:42 am
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When the COVID-19 lockdown began, I very quickly noticed the surge, and felt bombarded by, too many choices for online entertainment. Suddenly countless guided meditations, yoga classes, friends having Zoom cocktail hours, and virtual dance parties were available simply by clicking a link. But, in order to process entering into a “new normal,” my instinct sent me to a quieter, more introspective place.

For all things communication-related, I reflect on the words of my guru, Debra Forman, a certified executive coach and the founder of Pinstripe Coaching who, in her video blog entitled After It Rains, video 43: It’s OK to be Silent, reminds us:

“When you feel comfortable with your own silence, you will act as if you speak volumes.”

In April 2020, I declared kindness is the new BLACK. I emphasized the importance of increasing kindness through our words, actions, and the omission of certain actions. By going to that quiet place to digest the deep sense of loss and grief we are all experiencing, I found the time and space to consider ways to communicate with kindness to my clients, family, friends, andothers on social media during these unprecedented times. 

In the Age of Uncertainty, be aware that anxiety impacts the way we communicate with others.

I hear some people are a little extra snappy these days, but you didn’t hear it from me, since I’m isolated here on the 5th floor. But, now more than ever, when we feel extra vulnerable and scared, it’s important to try to be careful of what we say and to try to avoid judging others. 

Debra also reminds us that we don’t always need to fill in the blanks. Too much of one thing can negate your message. Practice restraint. Let’s use the New York State PAUSE to take a metaphorical pause in communicating!

According to Debra: “Punctuate everything you discuss with appropriate silence and respectful pauses. This will enable your listener to truly take in your words, consider their meaning [because Words Do Matter], and respond as appropriate.”

To communicate effectively and with kindness, “best practices” suggest that before speaking, we should consider the following:

  • Is it True?
  • Is it Kind?
  • Is it Necessary?
  • Is it Helpful?

 Sometimes, the best thing to say is NOTHING!


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Carrier Benefits Coronavirus (Covid-19) Chart

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As we have been getting several clients that have been reaching out and asking on what would be covered under their health insurance in terms of testing and treatment we wanted to share this helpful chart identifying what the Fully Insured carriers will be doing that our General Agent, Savoy Associates published.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, and remember….WASH YOUR HANDS!

Carrier Benefits Coronavirus Chart


What are Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPOs)?

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Can I get a “No?!”

Just Say NoWhen I start to get frazzled I hear my mother in my head saying, “If you don’t value your time, no one else will.” As women, I feel that, at times, we suffer from the “Wonder Woman Complex” of being able to do it all, and often times to our detriment. We can be fearful of the societal response of saying “no” and I’m here to tell you it’s OK to do it!

When I served as National President of Women in Insurance & Financial Services (WIFS), my predecessor, Angie Shay, programmed us all so that when a decision was to be made that would impact the organization, if it didn’t engage members or generate revenue, then we shouldn’t be doing it. This made decisions very black and white and easy to move initiatives forward.

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What are Covered Medical Expenses?

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What is a Calendar Plan?

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Start. Stop. Continue. By Susan L. Combs

Stop Lights

I was supposed to be heading back from Atlanta today, but Snowmageddon had a different idea of me and I was unable to leave NYC after about 30 inches of snow fell in my neighborhood. So I did the next best thing as a Millennial/Gen X-cusper and Skyped in for a two-day board meeting for WIFS, the national organization where I currently serve as the Immediate Past President. My biggest takeaway was the concept of Start Stop Continue, which was introduced to me by leadership coach, Whitney Siavelis.

Such a simple thing really, but I think will be tremendous in both my practice and my board work and I wanted to share it with you! It’s a way to be more intentional with what you are doing and realize what is working and what isn’t. Click here to continue reading.

Happy New Year From Combs & Co!
December 30, 2015, 12:11 pm
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Happy New Year 2016

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Happy Holidays from Combs & Co!

Beadforlife Header

This year, in lieu of gifts and cards, Combs & Company is donating to

BeadforLife in our clients’ honor.

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Combs & Co. has been a longtime supporter of BeadforLife – a nonprofit that works with women living in poverty to provide them with skills that enable them to become successful, savvy, and sustainable entrepreneurs. For over ten years, BeadforLife has trained women through their Beads to Business program – an 18-month course that teaches women how to make beaded jewelry out of paper, which they sell to earn capital to start businesses in their local markets. Since BeadforLife began, they have facilitated the creation of nearly 3,000 businesses, helping more than 40,000 people through the women and their families!

With help from supporters like Combs & Co., BeadforLife has already completed a rapid prototyping by training other women’s organizations on how to incorporate the Street Business School (SBS) model into their programs. These organizations provide SBS training to women in their own communities and help them become successful entrepreneurs! To expand globally, and ultimately reach their goal of having one million women trained in the SBS program by 2027, BeadforLife started the Ignite One Million campaign.

In November, Combs and Co. made a significant contribution to this campaign and unlocked a matching gift – making an investment worth $20,000! This money will help BeadforLife train more organizations around the world and evaluate their effectiveness to create the best plan to ignite the potential of one million women!

If you would like to join Combs & Co. in supporting BeadforLife’s efforts, and possibly have your own gift matched, please visit

For more information about this wonderful organization visit BeadforLife at

 Happy Holidays to you and yours!

The Combs & Company Crew

Susan, Rachel, Jennifer, Colleen, Yahaira, Chris,

Anthony, Carol, Tish, Valerie & Hayley

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Know your trigger….


I just had my third conversation in two months on tone checking, so I figured this was something other people struggle with, too, and should offer up some friendly advice: If you don’t have a “tone checker” in your life, get one, hell, get five.

Last time I checked, you cannot read tone in email. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if when someone sent an email you read it the exact way they intended it to be? One of the things I suggest to many people in communicating is that you get a tone checker. I have many people who do this for me.  For more Click Here!